Firehouse Arts at Winslow Station

Firehouse Arts at Winslow Station 20 Center St., Yarmouth, Maine 04096


  • KEEP ON CREATING-Thank you, all of you, for your understanding and support. When Firehouse Arts finally closes its doors on December 15, we hope and trust that Yarmouth will continue to find a way to serve its community through the arts.


Dear Yarmouth and friends,

As many of you know, the Board of Firehouse Arts has been on a year-long quest to find another group or organization to take over the functions of our mission. We tried Variety Arts and several other proposals which failed to get off the ground. We were increasingly excited about a proposal from a new team that had ambition, scope of purpose and private financing! ...which sadly fell through at the eleventh hour. This past week, the current Board of Firehouse Arts voted to dissolve our non-profit and wind up financial and other affairs. ...MORE


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